What is the process for cleaning high gutters?

Follow the steps below for cleaning high gutters:
  1. First, you need to determine how many sections of gutter poles are required to reach the gutters and construct the poles.  
  2. Most gutter cleaning companies then attach the optional camera so that they can view all of the debris in the gutter and determine how much work is going to be involved.  
  3. Once this is done, the camera can be removed and using an up and down motion and most gutters can be easily cleared.  If the debris is stubborn and difficult to remove using the crevice nozzle on the end of the gutter poles usually can break up the debris allowing for easy removal by the wide nozzle. 
  4. Once the debris has been removed, the optional inspection camera can be used to inspect the results using the built-in recorder and emailed to the client.
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